Gear up your next trip and downsize your luggage. Rent superb and sustainable equipment instead. For the beach or the mountains. For family fun or friendships forever. Delivered to your hotel and picked up again.

No excess luggage. Just great memories.

Going to the beach?

Add a sup board and snorkeling kit. A few games and a beach umbrella. Some toys for the toddler. Maybe a GoPro to capture it all.

When we go traveling, we seek adventure. That is why our motto is to collect experiences, not equipment.

But it can be difficult sometimes to get the adventures we wish for. Whether it is hiking in the mountains, exploring a remote beach, playing games with our kids, doing sports or a bit of workout, it usually requires gear that we can't bring on a plane with limited luggage space. So we often end up missing out or buying useless junk in the nearest souvenir shop.

It is time for a change.

With Easygoing you can rent top quality gear for your next trip. As simple as that and sustainable too.

Once you have booked the gear, you can get it delivered to your hotel or pick it up at our service point. That is up to you.

We guarantee that all items are not only of top quality, they will also make you look good. Lastly, you can be sure our selection is the most sustainable on the market. That is our end of the deal.

Let's change our ways. Together.

Explore the mountains

Don't rush, pack the right equipment: Trekking poles, a solid pair of boots and a hydration pack for the steep climbs. You can even bring your newborn in a child carrier, so no excuses left.

If you prefer going by bike, then track your performance with a bike computer. And why not save the memories with a camera-drone? You will definitely need a frisbee or a ball for the small breaks on the way. Or take up an old passion and add a skateboard or some fishing gear too.

Just don't give up on what you really want to do... We believe in you.

Launch // spring 2022

But why wait, when you can join the club already and get a bonus? Sign up and enter the draw of 5 x €25 vouchers for our shop to spend when we launch.

And don’t worry. You won’t be charged for a membership at this club. We just think that a club sounds cool and we think you’re pretty cool for signing up and giving us a head start.

Together we can say NO to owning more needless stuff and instead make the more conscious choice of just renting it.

Cause you really don’t need to own it - to own it. Do you feel us? Let us know here ...

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