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Going to the beach? Rent a sup board and snorkeling kit. A few games, a beach umbrella and some toys for the toddlers.

Explore the remote beaches rather than staying at the over-crowded one right by your hotel. We got you covered with everything you need: From beach umbrellas to loungers, blankets and even a cooler.

If you are into water sports or always wanted to try riding the waves, then let us hook you up with a board of your choice and an underwater GoPro to document your skills.



Explore the mountains? Don't rush, but do pack the right equipment: Trekking poles, a solid pair of boots and a hydration pack for the steep climbs.

There is no such thing as bad weather, if you have the right equipment. Don't worry, we got you covered. You can even bring your newborn in a child carrier. No excuses left.

If you prefer going by bike, then track your performance with a bike computer. And why not save the memories with a camera-drone?

Hiking & Biking


Pics or did it even happen? Get a camera drone for your adventures or a GoPro for studying wild life in the sea.

Document your experiences for your family back home or take your SoMe to the next level with all your latest stunts. Don't forget a power bank. Or maybe a pair of binoculars instead, so you can go bird watching or just zone out.

Hint: With a compact projector you can even finish of seeing the day’s footage together in large.



Never not working out, right? A perfect way to start your morning is by doing yoga. Let us supply you with mats and blocks.

And just because it’s vacation, a little afternoon workout is just an extra bonus. Besides, you need to build up an appetite for dinner later at one of the local restaurants.

Just rent a kettle bell, a multi-trainer band, a weight vest and a skipping rope, and you got all you need for a full workout at a beautiful location.

Wellness & workouts


Slightly overwhelmed? Kick back in your sun lounger and watch the kids play with their beach toys on the edge of the water.

You can rent all kinds of beach toys for many hours of entertainment. Just be careful if you add a water gun to your order. It might end up pointing at you when you least expect it.

Kids love to explore, so why not get them a snorkeling set and let them explore life under the sea? Or fishing nets so they can try to catch tonight's dinner.



Up for a challenge? Try something new or revisit old passions. Rent a skateboard or some tennis or paddle rackets.

A ball is definitely mandatory and always secures many hours of fun. Renting a football or volleyball doesn’t cost a lot, so that's a given. Or maybe you prefer some quiet board games for a cozy family evening.

A small tip: Add a petanque set to your order. There is nothing like a game of petanque in the afternoon at the town square with a bottle of good local wine.

Sports & Games

How does it work?

With Easygoing you can rent
quality gear
for your next vacation.
Simple as that and sustainable too.


Book it

Browse our selection and book your desired gear.


Have fun!

Get your gear delivered and go enjoy.


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If everything was just as...

If everything was
just as...



Spend your vacation trying out new experiences or revisiting old hobbies.



It costs a fraction to rent as opposed to buying all the gear you need.



Renting your gear is the sustainable choice. For you and for the planet



You only live once. A vacation full of experiences has never been easier.

About us

Hi, we're Anne and Jakob from Denmark. We came up with the idea for a gear rental service because of a real problem we faced on our vacations.

We want our vacations to be full of experiences, but we don't want to buy more equipment for the attic or even worse, to throw away or leave behind.

So, we started researching vacation gear rentals, which turned out to be much more difficult than we thought. Sure, on popular destinations you can rent bicycles, surfboards and the like. But what about the smaller stuff, the games, the toys, and the gadgets? 

Isn't there a place you can rent it all? We couldn't find that place.

So, like most other things in life, if you can't get what you desire, you either accept it or do something.

We decided to do something and named it Easygoing.

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