Personal Data Policy

As a data controller, Easygoing is obliged to protect your personal information. We do this in accordance with current Danish legislation, on the basis of which this personal data policy has been written.

What data do we collect and when?

When booking, Easygoing collects general contact information, ie. email address, residential address, telephone number and other relevant contact information we need to be able to identify the customer and deliver their rental products. This information is stored in our mail system. The information is collected upon booking

Furthermore, we store contact information about partners, ie. hotels, manufacturers and other partners. These are stored in the mail system and our internal system, which is protected by code.

How long do we keep information and why?

We store contact information on customers for 3 years, in a file in our mail system. After 3 years, the deadline for claims for compensation expires, and then the information is deleted.

Information about our partnerships is stored for one year after the partnership ends. 

When is information passed on?

Personal information on partners and customers is only passed on by written agreement.

How is your information protected?

The personal information is protected as described above.

Easygoing assesses, however, that we can not secure data 100% from people who want to circumvent our security measures, e.g. by hacking, and you therefore disclose your personal information at your own risk. If we have information about you that you do not want us to have, please contact us and we will delete it immediately. If you are unsure of what information we have, please contact us and we will inform you.

Website and Facebook

Easygoing's website collects cookies. We keep the collection of data via cookies to a minimum and ensure as best we can that they are not misused in any way.

Easygoing has a Facebook page and an Instagram page. Data collected via these is Meta's responsibility, and we therefore have nothing to do with this collection, as it takes place on Meta's platforms.

Revision of Personal Data Policy

This personal data policy is revised once a year by Easygoing's owners or when deemed necessary.